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Thank You, I’m Inspired

Thank you, your support has been overwhelming! Also, we already achieved one of my original goals...

While round three still has my brain strangled in a chemo fog, I’d like to thank everyone. Your support has been overwhelming! So far, we’ve had over 2,700 views from 13 different countries. The encouraging comments, prayers, and climbing view count have brightened my day when I’m being beaten down by chemo.

I’m also delighted to share some great news, we already achieved one my goals! As you may recall, one of my goals for this blog was to persuade at least one person to get screened, especially if they are at high risk.

After reading about my situation, one of my wife’s co-workers, scheduled a colonoscopy she had been putting off for years. Like me, she has a history of colorectal cancer in her family. I’m glad she decided to go in because, during her procedure, they found several pre-cancerous polyps which they were able to remove. Thank God! I’m so happy they found them early enough they could remove during a routine colonoscopy and she doesn’t have to endure all the bullshit that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

I’ve never been the type to stop after reaching a goal, so its time to up the ante. Let’s see if we can convince 9 more people to get screened. Are you up to the challenge? I am.

If you enjoy what you’ve read so far and think it could motivate others to stop putting off their colonoscopy, please help me achieve the next goal by sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, local TV/radio stations, MySpace, carrier pigeon, etc.

3 comments on “Thank You, I’m Inspired

  1. kirsten bube

    You are a rockstar Ben….prayers got you all

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  2. Sue Winiarczkk

    You are my hero and an inspiration to everyone reading your blog! ❤️❤️

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