About Me

Ah yes, the “about me” section, where people write about themselves in third-person, and it ends up sounding like a eulogy. Despite the best effort of particular body parts trying to kill me, (that will make more sense later) I’m not dead yet so first-person it is.

My name is Ben Schultz; I live in a small mid-west town with my awesome wife and two daughters, who have both managed to inherited the combined snarky humor of my wife and myself.

If you care about work stuff, I am a remote employee for a large US-based cybersecurity company. I create technical documents that help our sales folks sell better against our competition.

I know what you’re thinking, this guy already spends most of his waking hours on the computer, why the hell doesn’t he go outside instead of writing blog? Good question, I knew I’d only get the smartest blog readers to stick with me this far.

I decided to start a blog after a colonoscopy, and subsequent biopsies revealed I had cancer. I want to document my journey in a humorous way that may calm the nerves of others facing a similar situation. Humor has always played a significant role in my life, and a little ass cancer is not going to take that away from me. I also let folks know the signs and symptoms I had that lead up to my diagnosis if I convince even one person to get screened; it’s completely worth it. Finally, blogging seems like a good outlet for me and a way to keep all those who love and support me informed of what’s going on with my cancer journey.